Helps found the Hill House Association, playing an important role in merging the Anna B. Heldman Community Center with the Soho Community Center to form this new organization. She will later be elected first vice president in 1974.


Elsie and former Ambassador Andrew Young
Serves as the vice president of the Urban League of Pittsburgh and also on its Board of Directors from 1965 to 1970. During her time on the board, she helped the organization get meetings with top management of area businesses as part of efforts to institute a program opening up employment opportunities for minorities


Joins the Allegheny County Anti-Poverty Advisory Council as assistant treasurer.


Wins the Squirrel Hill Kiwanis “Woman of the Year” Community Service Award for her work.


Becomes the first Protestant to join the all-Catholic Board of Directors at Carlow University. She will serve on the Board until 1994.


Receives the Wheeler School Award for Community Service for her continued dedication to the community.